A few updates...

First and foremost...

Greetings all and happy Autumn!!

The next thing we want to tell you is that our "Official" website has a new look. Please let us know what you think.

In addition to the new aesthetic, we have also added a "Store" page where you can download our latest album, "the puzzle with no pieces."

As of now, this is the only place where the album is available for purchase. Physical CDs will be available at our shows or by special arrangement. We will not be selling those from the website. To put it simply, the cost is too prohibitive. Please note however that you can download the album in multiple formats. Two of those options include bonus artwork (please see the website for details.)

Lastly, Shawn Kepner has decided to move on to other projects. This means that the position of drummer is currently vacant. If you know someone that might be a good fit please send us an email at dm3@thedarkmattertrio.com. A few minimal qualifications we're looking for are a solid player with finesse, jazz influenced, creative, over 25 (negotiable).

Jerry & Drew