September 2017 News & Updates

Hello humans! 

Our last blog post was September 26, 2016. We realize that's quite a lapse on our part. Sorry about that. 

So where to begin... 

We are taking a break! Yeah! Woo hoo! 

Wait...what? Yes. We know. Seems counterproductive doesn't it? Unfortunately it is necessary. Bassist Drew Hall is involved in several other projects at the moment and has requested some time to get caught up. 

In addition we are sorry to report that guitarist Jerry McGowan lost his father on August 8th and is working through the process of grief, frustration, and necessary toil that comes with it. We ask that you please keep Jerry and his family in your thoughts.

On the positive side there are interesting days ahead for our stalwart band of musical adventurers. In November the band will begin the writing process for their third album. Jerry has also hinted that there will be an additional "special" EP that will precede the third album's release sometime in 2018. You read that correctly. Jerry plans on releasing both of these projects next year. 

By the way, drummer Kevin Gibson's band TIMELESS is playing a show on Dec 15 at the Linglestown Firehouse. Check back soon for details. 

On a somewhat odd note (or time signature) we also wanted to mention that there is apparently another band (or maybe several) using the name "Dark Matter Trio."As we don't have a trademark on it there's not much we can say except...when in doubt check our website or shoot us an email. It's not a big deal but we were recently tagged in a Facebook post for a gig that we were not booked for...which was a little annoying. We've now turned off Facebook tagging by third-parties. 

See all of you very soon. Stay true to yourselves and excellent to each other. Peace. 


Jerry, Drew, Kevin & Myrtle